Sell Tickets Online with Shopify and Bring On the Ticket Sales

//Sell Tickets Online with Shopify and Bring On the Ticket Sales

Sell Tickets Online with Shopify and Bring On the Ticket Sales

Here are the best Shopify ticket features every business owner and ticket seller should know about! Sell tickets online with Shopify is now easier than ever!


Whether you are a popular musician preparing a concert for the first time or a business owner planning a business meeting, we know you are busy and you have lots of things to deal with. If you are planning to organize an event and spread the word out, you will need more than just a website or Facebook post.

You can promote your event on social media and you can send custom-made invites, however, did you know that you can display multiple events on your website and sell tickets online?

With Shopify new features, you certainly can. You can think of Shopify as your one-stop store for everything that is related to your exciting event.

With Shopify, your visitors can purchase the tickets straight from your website. Head over to the events manager and add as many events as you prefer. Then, create your tickets, select the price, choose a payment method, and you can easily manage all of the transactions in one place.

You can tell your guests all about the event in the event detail page. This is just like the About page, where you can share a story and get all of your guests excited for the upcoming event. You can share all the important details and use an impressive layout to attract visitors’ attention. The event detail page effortlessly fits into your website and is highly customizable. If you want to edit this page, all you have to do is click on the Event Manager and fill out the what, who, where, and when and you can also add a beautiful image to boot.

We told you – Shopify has everything you need to sell tickets online. It has a simple interface which allows you to easily manage your products. The platform offers the right tools which can help you keep track of the status of the orders. You can analyze the order history and build better relations. Shopify can also offer you tickets websites templates (free and premium) and have complete control over your store.

Whether you are an organization, you are a musician or a photographer organizing an art event, get ready to bring more sales with Shopify platform. Your tickets will be selling in no time! You are ready to plan your next event?

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